What is it?

BEM is TheMeq's BattlEye Filter Manager for the ArmA series of games (Specifically ArmA 3 at the moment). You can use this tool to modify and maintain your BattlEye filters. You can modify keywords or the filters that that go against them with this software.


Query and Bug Report Email: themeq [at] me [dot] com. Thanks


[] Fixed output files not handling cyrillic characters. Output files are now UTF8.
[] Fixed buttons on Import screen to be wide enough for other languages.

[] Left a view visible that should not be visible.

[] Fixed a phrase not pulling through during import.
[] Fixed import function pulling in duplicate filters.
[] Fixed import function not pulling in last filter from log files.
[] Fixed incorrect reading of filter during import function.

[] 64-Bit version has been released.
[] Added German (Thanks Kaionacho).

[] Upload scripts was broken somehow, this has now been fixed.
[] Incorrect version was displayed in About screen.
[] Fixed an issue where new version's where not detected due to checked file being cached.

[] Added Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional (Thanks Kondou), Russian (Thanks MentaiCosmic) and French (Thanks Ilyasio).
[] Fixed some textbox positions that where out of place when some language labels overlapped the textbox.
[] Now saves the selected language on application exit and opens up with the saved language.

[] Added Spanish (Thanks shinmai_rookie) and Korean (Thanks MinimalResults)
[] Fixed some phrases not correctly pulling through
[] Fixed some drop down box position's that where out of place with some language labels that overlapped the drop down field.

[] Added language support. Currently supports English and Finnish (Thanks Lefafel). If you wish to translate BEM into your own language, please send an email to the query address above.

[] Minor fix on file detection

[] Fixed an issue where the logging type of keywords was not saved when changed.
[] Will no longer launch if the file is not in the correct directory (Needs to be in your BattlEye folder).
[] UI fixes where some drop down boxes where editable and should not have been.
[] Timer added that will check for updates every 5 minutes for people who keep the application open all the time.
[] Added optional email field when submitting scripts incase you want to be contacted back.

[] Added ability to submit filters that you are having issues with so I can make BEM even better!

[] Fixed a bug where keywords enclosed in quotation marks where not correctly picked up causing a file error.
[] Fixed a bug where keywords containing several space characters where not correctly picked up causing a file error.

[] Fixed a bug where an error would appear if an exception contained a dash (-).

[] Fixed a bug where script.log lines ended with " would not capture entire exception.

[] Removed S7Gaming Toolbar as server no longer exists
[] Added limit to imported lines on log importer to 50,000
[] Added support for CreateVehicle and SelectPlayer logs for importing.
[] Added Select All and Select None buttons to importer.
[] Moved most menu buttons to new Options sub menu, which will turn Red when a new version is available to download.

[] Fixed error when filter files where saved. //new was added instead of //new2 causing an error.

[] You can now import filters directly from your scripts.log

[] You will be asked if you want backslashes escaped if you have a filter that contains \n that should be a newline.

[] Will now escape backslashes preceding an n so there is no mistake for newlines.
[] Will apply quotation marks to new filters if they are not present.

[] BattlEye Files are now auto-detected instead of being built from a pre-determined list.
[] BattlEye is now grammatically correct, rather then appearing as Battleye (lower case e).

[] Rebranded to BEM instead of AABEFM

[] Filters will now automatically format when added to a new keyword (all the \n and \" business will now be done for you! (only when adding a filter, not editing))

[] Line numbers now match error's given by Arma3.
[] Incorrect message box type has been fixed.
[] Application will now tell you if there is an update.

[] Initial Release.